AE教程-Zach King 男巫吐糖果特效视频教程 免费下载

AE教程-Zach King 男巫吐糖果特效视频教程 免费下载

今天你将学习Zach King是如何创造他的糖果吐蔓视频的。密切关注这是如何拍摄的。这种效果的关键是当你把糖果或果冻豆倒出来时,试着让它看起来像是从一个喷口里出来的。当我这样做的时候,我摇了一下(坏主意),这意味着我必须“在帖中修复它”。不管怎样,这是一个有趣的电影魔术,你可以尝试在学习后效果。

Today you’ll learn how Zach King created his candy vomit vine video. Pay close attention to how this was filmed. A major key to this effect is when you’re pouring the candy or jelly beans out try to make it look like its all coming from one spout. When I did it I shook it around a little bit (bad idea) which meant I had to “fix it in post.” I’ll show you how to fix it in post and mask out unwanted jelly beans. Either way this is a fun movie magic trick you can try out when learning After Effects.


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