AE脚本-1000种版式文字图形动画摄像机转场标题失真炫光屏幕故障视觉特效预设 Montage Library V5

AE脚本-1000种版式文字图形动画摄像机转场标题失真炫光屏幕故障视觉特效预设 Montage Library V5

超过1000种专业效果。 这是包含1000种效果和预设的动作库,可节省大量时间,并在几分钟之内帮助您专业地编辑视频。蒙太奇库包含来自不同类别的所有类型的即用型效果:
一键应用预设,然后使用控制面板根据需要进行调整。附带了Animation Studio v2.4脚本,直接在After Effects的扩展中打开使用,能够直观的预览效果,点击即可应用到合成中。

More than 1000 professional effects. This is a library of 1000 effects and presets that save you a lot of time and help you edit your videos professionally in a few minutes. The montage library contains all types of ready to use effects from different categories:
Color correction, distortion, light leakage, screen effect, speed beat, title, transition, visual effect, etc. Each category contains different types of effects and creates a unique fashion look.
Press one to apply the preset, and then use the control panel to adjust as needed. The animation studio V2.4 script is attached, which can be directly opened and used in the extension of after effects. It can preview the effect intuitively. Click to apply it to the synthesis.
Resolution up to 4K. Provides tutorials for use. Including the installation method and steps to test the installation and then use!


支持系统:Win 和 Mac
适用软件:AE CC 2014.2 或更高 (支持英文和中文版AE软件)
文件大小:1.2G  21492033


AE脚本-1000组快速制作图层物体运动出入动画预设脚本 Action Library Win/Mac
AE脚本-1700种视频特效包装动画预设兼容中英文 video liberary Win/Mac
AE脚本及预设:Gaze–Graphic Library 超2000个时尚版式标题设计MG动画背景转场预设图形库(Animation Studio)
AE预设:Text Librar1000个文字动画一键生成带效果预览安装说明(Win&Mac)
AE预设:Montage Library蒙太奇资源包850组常用视频效果合集一键生成
AE脚本-1000组快速制作图层物体运动出入动画预设脚本 Action Library Win/Mac

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