运动设计师丹尼尔·丹尼尔森(Daniel Danielsson)在Cinema 4D中创建了一个程序性水晶城,分为四部分,涵盖了到动画和渲染的一切建模。水晶城使用C4D中的简单形状以及克隆,MoExtrude,变形器和效果器。第二部分和第三部分介绍了创建材料和环境,以及对该部件增加噪音的颗粒。

Motion Designer Daniel Danielsson posts a four part look into creating a procedural crystal city in Cinema 4D, that covers modeling all the way up to animation and rendering. The crystal city makes use of simple shapes in C4D along with cloners, MoExtrude, deformers and effectors. Parts two and three have a look at creating the materials and environment, along with the particles which add a noise touch to the piece.


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