C4D教程-C4D R19新功能特性全面介绍教程Cinema 4D R19 New Features


在Cinema 4D R19的新特点。探索如何利用这个新功能快速创建惊人的现实呈现在这里,安迪解释了如何与PBR材料和灯的工作,涉及到视口的改进,并展示了如何使用最新的细节和胶合功能在沃罗诺伊骨折对象。此外,他还演示了如何使用新的声音效果器来创建动画,以响应音乐的节拍,使用球形摄像机使场景呈现身临其境的虚拟现实体验,等等。
Joining Andy Needham He ran down the new features in the Cinema 4D R19. Explore how to use this new feature to quickly create stunning reality rendering. Here, Andy explains how to work with PBR materials and lights, related to the improvement of the viewport, and show how to use the latest details and glue functions in Voronoi fracture objects. In addition, he demonstrates how to use the new sound effects to create animations in response to the beat of music, using a dome camera to render the scene virtual reality experience, and so on.


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