在17世纪至19世纪的武士传统中居住的幕府日本的历史村庄,或任何体现了标志性东方哲学的古老神秘世界。 你可以使用这个工具包的建筑模型,塔楼来设计新幻想空间,快速实现你的主题创建。用这些模型,将让你的工作效率大大提升,是视觉设计师、平面设计师、动画设计师、商业设计师的必备建筑模型库。

reate the historical villages of Shogun Japan inhabited by samurai traditions between the 1600s and 1800s, or any ancient, mystical world that embodies the iconic Eastern philosophies. You can use this kit’s shrines, pagodas, and temples to engineer new and fantastical worlds that foster all kinds of magical creativity. The cover image was created during the final head-to-head contest of the Kitmas Bash by Hebron Gusti.

File Formats Include: .MA | .OBJ | .FBX  Total Poly Count: 2.4 Million  Uved and SETUP for tileable textures  Textures Included!

文件格式包括:.MA | .OBJ |.FBX  总面数:240万  Uved和SETUP用于tileable纹理。包含贴图纹理!


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